HPC – based design of a fire extinguisher valve

The Company

FDD Engitec is a Spanish SME located in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona). The mission of the company is the design and manufacturing of firefighting components and systems. Its core expertise is the development of gaseous clean agent extinguishing systems, and its activities cover from the design of components and systems, validation tests, manufacturing and certification. Nowadays the company is focused on the design and manufacturing of a new firefighting system that will use inert compressible fluid.


The Challenge

The objective of the project is to calculate the pressure drop of a firefighting pressure regulated discharge valve for inert gas agent. For doing that, it is needed to simulate the discharge of a pressurized closed canister through the valve. The goals of the project are:

  • To determine the pressure drop of the valve
  • To determine the functioning of the outlet pressure regulation system of the valve
  • To assure the quantity of gas that can be discharged across the valve in a certain amount of time.


The Solution

This project will be done in collaboration with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). The code to be used to perform the numerical simulations is Alya, a multi-physics code developed at BSC (http://www.bsc.es/es/computer-applications/alya-system). The code will be adapted to solve this application problem.


The Benefits

The technology to be simulated is the core product for creating a new European company focused in the manufacturing of firefighting equipment. That will create employment and social wealth.

The development of simulation techniques for discharging compressed gas across a valve installed over a closed system when the inlet condition changes with time will be a big step forward in the design of these valves as nowadays there is no commercial simulation tool that can manage it. Commercial software can only manage simulations when there is a continuous pressure feeding, but not when the pressure varies with time.

The simulations proposed in this project will help FDD Engitec to:

  • Decrease the time-to-market of the product
  • Decrease the development and testing costs
  • Increase the confidence about the functionality of the design
  • Increase the quality and reliability of final product


Companies Involved

  • End User: FDD Engitec S.L.
  • HPC Expert: Barcelona Supercomputing Center